20 years and still going strong

2018 is the year that Sonning Common Green Gym celebrates its 20th birthday. Keep an eye out for special activities and celebrations in our activity programme.
Everybody welcome.

What we are

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The Sonning Common Green Gym is a great way to be active , stay fit and combine this with giving a helping hand in your community. We do various tasks and projects to improve environment. The Green Gym is also a great way to learn new skills and meet like-minded people. We are open for participants of all ages and ability (the only restriction is under 16’s need to be accompanied by an adult).

As a green-gymmer you maintain amongst others local recreation areas and take part in conservation activities such as tree planting, hedge laying, fence installations, gateways and stile installations, restoring downland, creating nature areas and fostering rare plants and animals.

We do work in a wide circle around Sonning Common and our volunteers come from the same wide circle (and beyond). Try one of our sessions. Do you consider joining us, please come along to any session as a trial. The Green Gym operates on a fully voluntary basis, meaning everybody is free to visit some or all sessions, without the need to book any session. There is no thing like a membership fee. Within the organisation there are options to develop your skills via training or to actively participate in the organisation and running of the group.

the Chilterns Awards certificateFor coming activities see the programme in the right margin of this page.

The Green Gym has been successful with various projects and have achieved awards for the work performed, amongst others the one shown here.

Have some work to be done?

You can contact us via the “Contact us” page (check the conditions there as well) and we promise to get in touch to explore the possibilities. Alternatively call the number given on the same page to talk to our group’s secretary.

More information

Please explore the site for more information on sites and activities.

A Word from our Chairman
Click here to view our photo albums on the internet.

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