Dunsden Church

Despite the change of site because of continued flooding at the site originally scheduled, we had a large contingent of volunteers to continue the hedge-laying project at Dunsden Church. Hazel branches had been brought from another site – thin, whippy ones to be used for binders and thicker ones destined for stakes. The stakes were given points with bill-hooks then installed by the hedge-laying team, who were not distracted by Tony’s appropriately-green St. Patrick’s day hat.
All the brash surplus to hedge-laying was carried away to be burned in the fire trailer together with material left over from previous sessions. Meanwhile, three volunteers installed a wooden gate by the corner of the churchyard wall.
Warm sunshine, birdsong, crackling fire, interesting tasks, iced cake at coffee break – what’s not to like?!

Julia, 17/3/2014

15/3/2014 Dunsden Church

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