Withymead’s thanks Green Gym

A message from the Trustees at Withymead:
Please pass on our thanks to your Green Gymmers. We had compiled a long list of jobs for today and you managed to do so many of them.
The Forest school is now looking far more inviting now that nettles and sycamore have been tamed. The slip way is so clear, I think you could do open heart surgery on it! Let’s hope that no self respecting ragwort will show its’ face in the Study Centre garden for a while.
I learnt a lot from your group again today. The group working down by the river spotted the Hemlock Water Dropwort and the Figwort – both interesting finds. I was asked about sand martin predators and have been doing a bit of Googling to find out. Apparently they are predated by both birds and small mammals – stoat, rats, heron and sparrow hawk – so the surrounding vegetation needs to be kept low to act as a deterrent.
There are fewer sand martins this year because there has been a drought in Africa – their winter feeding grounds. We hope that some might spot the new homes waiting for them at Withymead when they start their migration back to Africa.
We look forward to seeing you again in a month’s time.

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