Site: Cleeve Court Meadow

Cleeve Court Meadow borders the river Thames near Streatley. Records show that the meadow used to be rich in wildflowers such as Loddon Lily, Cuckooflower, Ragged Robin and Water Mint, but without grazing in recent years it has been overtaken by reeds and willows. Restoration to a wet meadow has now been started by SCGG in conjunction with the Pang Valley Conservation Volunteers under a Natural England Higher Level Stewardship agreement.

Wet meadows were once a common habitat along the floodplains of the River Thames, but in recent years their numbers have declined due to development and other changes in land use. The main work being carried out on the site is the removal, coppicing and pollarding of a number of trees and scrub and the mowing of the grassland and removal of the mown grass. Reducing the number and size of trees allows more light to penetrate down to the grassland giving wildflowers more chance to thrive, also restoring the character of the meadow by giving it a more open feel. Cut material from the trees is being used to make a stockade by the river path to replace a derelict fence.

Meeting Point

Car park on the side road to Cleeve Court off the A329 north of Streatley. Please arrive by 9.20 am to allow for walking to the site.

OS reference SU593812
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Site Co-ordinator

Keith May

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