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If you want to know more or simply to ask a question……

If you want to know more about Sonning Common Green Gym, or simply get to some information, please send us a request via the link below on this page. Alternatively if you prefer to phone, contact the secretary on: 0118 972 4228.

Client Request services

If you, as a potential client would like us to do some work for you, you can send a request via the link on this page. You need to be aware though that we are unable to accept all proposed work. The basic criteria we use to determine suitability are the following.

  • Jobs need to fit the need of the group.
  • It cannot be too far away from our base. A 15 mile radius of Sonning Common is typical. Click here to check our current sites to get an impression of what is acceptable
  • We will ask you for a small contribution per work session.
  • We do not compete with commercial operators

If you want to get an impression of what we can take on, have a look at the sections Our Sites and Programme to see what we do and where. If in doubt, send us a proposal anyway. We will evaluate it and come back to you with the possibilities.
We have a planning meeting each quarter where we allocate work at sites to specific dates. If your request for work is successful, we will be in contact to inform you of the date allocated to you. All our sessions are either on a Thursday or a Saturday.

Please note that we are not interested in any commercial proposals to get more attention to the website etc, nor in advertising on our website.

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