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The temperature was 2° but the ground was not too hard for our hedge-planting session at Mapledurham Village Hall on 16th January. Ten of us planted 100 whips of mixed native hedgerow species in 2 rows by midday. Julia 18/1/2016

Nettlebed Commons

A cold but dry morning was spent on Nettlebed Commons with several different tasks. Some of us starting by raking up and removing the brush cuttings at the bottom end of the heather patch at Priest Hill. It was a … Continue reading


A seizable group turned out for a first weekend in 2016 on Ewelme. We stuck to our ‘normal’ task of cleaning up the watercress beds, pulling cress and moving it to the banks. Additionally we removed a few heavy plants … Continue reading


At the turn of the year two sessions of pruning and hedge-laying in the churchyard in Dunsden created a lot of brash which we burned safely in the fire trailer Julia, 8/1/2016

Parsons Wood

In two consecutive visits to Parson’s Wood this month we concentrated on burning the holly brash from previous felling sessions. 3 bonfires on the second visit made great inroads into the brash piles. Julia, 19/11/2015

Cleeve Court Water Meadows

Several willows had been pollarded before our October session at Cleeve Water Meadow, leaving branches in heaps for us to process. We removed the thin material, piling up the heavier branches ready for log burning and the narrower straight poles … Continue reading

Temple Island Meadows

Gratifying to see how open the meadows are now, especially as the reeds can be cut down by a mower in the autumn unimpeded by masses of felled trees. The remaining branches so painstakingly collected into discrete heaps by the … Continue reading

Watlington Hill

Fantastic weather and fantastic views on Watlington Hill where our group of 17 volunteers fed 2 bonfires with the brash from felled birches and sycamores. These had been cut down to maintain open downland habitat for the rich variety of … Continue reading

Badgemore Primary School

6 years since our last visit to Badgemore Primary School, and for Saturday’s session we worked to the sound of builders using the school holidays to put up a new classroom. Our task was to clear brambles and laurel from … Continue reading

Moorend Common

Birch saplings encroaching on Moor End Common are a constant problem, so on 20th August we tackled a large patch in the centre of the middle meadow. We pulled out the small ones by the roots, the rest we cut … Continue reading

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