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Badgemore Primary School

6 years since our last visit to Badgemore Primary School, and for Saturday’s session we worked to the sound of builders using the school holidays to put up a new classroom. Our task was to clear brambles and laurel from … Continue reading

Moorend Common

Birch saplings encroaching on Moor End Common are a constant problem, so on 20th August we tackled a large patch in the centre of the middle meadow. We pulled out the small ones by the roots, the rest we cut … Continue reading


What looks like a wood sculpture is in fact one of the ‘bug hotels’ we built at our mid-August Withymead session. Rotting willow is the preferred habitat of the rare musk beetle, which was recently discovered at this nature reserve, … Continue reading

Greys Court

Today (13/8) we pulled up nettles and cut down the brambles surrounding the ice house at Greys Court. There were 15 of us despite the lowering skies, and we just managed to complete the task as rain set in. Yummy … Continue reading


23 and 30 July 2015 During the last two weeks we’ve been repairing and installing new gates and fencing around the perimeter of this sports field, the home of Rotherfield United Football Club. We erected two kissing gates with adjacent … Continue reading

Temple Island Meadows

Saturday 25/7 we continued with our efforts to eradicate hemlock water dropwort from these beautiful water meadows by the Thames. This plant is toxic to grazing animals, and there are long-term plans to introduce cattle here for some months of … Continue reading

Parson’s Wood

Loggers have been at work in Parson’s Wood removing the large deciduous trees that were in a dangerous state, opening up even more the areas where we have been clearing holly. Still plenty more holly for us to cut down … Continue reading

Nuffield Place

We had the daunting task of clearing a large patch of nettles behind the bonfire site at Nuffield Place today, but many willing hands helped pull them out by the end of the session. Our first task had been to … Continue reading

Withymead – Little Meadow

More hay cutting at Little Meadow, with us raking up the material into heaps which we carried to the edge of the field for composting down. Luckily the sky was overcast for most of the morning, so we did not … Continue reading

Withymead – Little Meadows

Little Meadow in Goring was full of wild flowers, butterflies and damsel flies as we raked hay at the end of June together with Withymead volunteers. The sun was warm but there were trees at the river’s edge to give … Continue reading

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