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Today’s session at Withymead saw us splitting into two groups. One group worked hard re-surfacing the path to Richard’s wishing well with gravel. The other group reinforced the structure of the tepee and at the end we all worked together to place a large green tarpaulin around the framework. When finished the tepee will be used by children from the Forest School and from the Nature Club.
Withymead was looking beautiful with thousands of loddon lilies in full bloom.

Sian, 29/4/2015

25/4/2015 Withymead

25/4/2015 Withymead

Moorend Common

Rose bay willow herb had rooted itself in the stream near the Prince Albert pub, so our April task was to clear out the stream bed and remove the dead stalks along its banks. The large willow by the stream was pollarded with the help of the pole saw. By the end of the session the water was running free and the banks were cleared so the irises could be visible when they come into flower.

Julia 20/4/2015

18/4/2015 Moorend Common

Park Wood

We often take our friends for a walk from Nettlebed to the best bluebell wood in the area, but today I had the great pleasure of helping to tend it. The bluebells were already starting to flower and there were wood anemones out too. We were celebrating GG’s 17th birthday in suitable fashion by holly “bashing”, which means lopping, sawing and stacking. Prizes should have been awarded to all those, like Barry, who managed to get out the whole plant complete with roots. Tony Chandler set the example by creating a wonderful hedge of the lopped holly branches and even joked that we should be clipping it. There were about 14 of us including, Nick Odell all the way from Dorset. Yummy bread pudding from Diane sustained us during the second half of the morning. Thank you to all leaders for such a lovely morning.

Susan 20/4/2015.


Greys Court – green birthday party

It is now 17 years since we were set up in 1998, so we celebrated the anniversary during our coffee break at Greys Court, where our task was to clear and burn brambles in the bluebell wood across the field from the house. The bluebells were not yet in flower, but there were signs of them coming out soon.

Julia, 20/4/2015

11/4/2015 Greys Court

Aston Rowant

We have been gradually removing brambles and other scrub from a fence line at Aston Rowant, and we got a lot more done in our April session. The sun was shining and birds were singing, and we had great fun with the vertiginous slope, making sure we didn’t approach the bonfire from above.

Julia, 3/4/2015

9/4/2015 ASton Rowant


A record turnout with 18 of us working on Nettlebed Common this morning, one group clearing back overgrown bushes and trees near to the pavilion whilst the rest of us laboured to remove brambles from the Priest Hill area of heather. The rain held off. Delicious cake as always from Diane

Susan, 28/3/2015

28/3/2015 Nettlebed Common

Moorend Common

Our tasks for the March session at Moorend Common included cutting back the side growth from footpaths and a bridle path and coppicing overgrown hazel stools.

Julia, 7/4/2015

24/3/2015 Moorend Common

Cleeve Court

Many tasks to tackle in all corners of the water meadow for our late March visit: clearing the brash from a large felled tree in the drove road; making stakes from pollarded willows and burning the brash; cutting up the heavy ivy from a fallen tree; and repairing the stockade by the Thames with willow stakes. Hard hats must be worn when driving in the stakes with the mell.

Julia 7/4/2015
Cleeve Court Meadow-004


Really spring-like weather for our 7th March session at Ewelme watercress beds, where we had several sightings of a kingfisher. There was watercress to clear, of course, each side of a dam below the bridge, but we also reduced two clumps of bulrushes which were getting too big for their boots. Lots of wheelbarrowing from the bankside to the compost heap, and more barrowing of scrapings from the verge at the path entrance in preparation for the laying of reinforcing materials.

Julia, 9/3/2015

7/3/2015 Ewelme

Nuffield Place

Today 15 of us were back at Nuffield Place clearing the invasive holly from the woodland As the property is now open to the public for the new season we were not able to have a bonfire but had to drag all the cut materials over to the fire site -heavy work but good exercise. A good session which was greatly appreciated by the gardener

Brian, 5 March 2015

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