Work Sessions


Our sessions start promptly at 09:30. Make sure you are on site at the meeting point about 15 minutes before. (Important for Temple Island Meadows and Burnt Platt where the gates close at 09:25).

Work sessions normally end 12:30.

If possible ring the number on the contact page a couple of days before the activity to let us know you are attending. Then simply turn up on the day and ask for the leader of the session.. Please wear old, warm clothes and sturdy boots and bring waterproofs and work gloves.

Refreshments (hot drinks and cakes) are provided. However, remember to bring along enough to drink on hot days as well as sun cream and a hat for protection for those sunny days. Children are welcome, when accompanied by an adult. Because of the types of activities we undertake, tetanus injections need to be kept up to date – please contact your GP for details.

What to expect?

Each session is led by two team leaders who are responsible for the smooth running of the session.
All the sessions follow roughly the following format:

‘Tool Talk’ – The aim of the session is outlined, together with the tools available for the tasks. The safe handling and correct use of all tools are discussed.

Warm up – Some exercises to prepare the muscles for activity and reduce the risk of injury.

1 1/2 hour work session.
Work sessions always have light and heavy tasks, there is something for everybody. What is rule though, is that we try to do most of the activities by hand to burn the calories and to get the blood flowing!

Refreshments – Which will include a hot drink and home made cakes! Time also for that all important chat up on everybody’s ongoing businesses and adventures.

A further 1¼ hour work session – Another session to stay warm and to improve your health and complete the task(s). We work in many different locations (see ‘Our sites’) and tasks vary with the location. Wet at Ewelme (in the watercress beds), and various drier tasks in forest and on estates.

Gather up tools
A final check to see if all tools used are returned.

Cool down – Some final exercises designed to prevent stiffness.

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